Print off the “Fitness Log” by opening the “pdf” or “word document”.   A “Fitness Log” week extends from Monday  through Sunday.  Each “Fitness Log” will record 3 weeks of Cardiovascular Fitness. 

Fitness Log (Word)

Fitness Log (PDF)

2013 Spring Fitness Log Schedule


How do you fill out your “Fitness Log” for Sinaloa PE class so you can get full credit?

  1. Three Cardiovascular Exercises on three different days during the week: An exercise is cardiovascular if it uses large muscle groups (legs and arms) for a continues period of time (non-stop) and increases heart hart.  Distance running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, but there are other exercises that a student might find more enjoyable and would be beneficial to his/her heart if the proper exercise prescription is followed.  Other acceptable exercises are: Lap swimming, cross country skiing, biking, power walking, rowing, hiking, treadmill, stair climber/master, stationary bike (spinning), aerobic dance, Taibo, cardio kick-boxing, rollerblading, racquetball, soccer game, basketball game, lacrosse game, and ultimate.
  2. Parent Confirmation: Please do not sign blank sheets.  Your signature verifies that your son/daughter has indeed completed the various activities.  Please do not allow students to sign for you. 
  3. Fitness Log must be completed in pen or word processor (no pencil or red pen).
  4. Bring your fitness log with you to your roll call number on the due date: You may turn your “Fitness Log” in on the due date for 100% credit, if it is filled in correctly.  For each day late, 10% will be taken off the final grade of the log.  No fitness log will be accepted more than two days late.

 Example of how to complete the fitness log correctly –

WEEK 1    
Date Cardiovascular Exercise / Activity Time / Duration
 Tues. 10/8    Bike ride around town 30 min.
 Thurs. 10/10    Run Conditioning at Soccer practice   20 min.
 Sun. 10/13    Hiked Mt. Tam with family 2 hrs.

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