The Physical Education Department at Sinaloa Middle School is committed to helping students develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior needed for a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.  Through fitness, health and sport units, students will receive a diversified background in sports and exercise.  Students will be encouraged to attain their highest level of personal fitness and individual improvement. 



Students will dress daily in the Sinaloa PE shirt and shorts.  Tennis shoes with laces and socks are also required.  For cold weather, royal blue or gray athletic sweat clothing should be worn over the PE uniform.  In order to aid in the return of lost clothing, students are required to have their last name in block letters with indelible ink and in the appropriate area on all articles of clothing that will be worn for PE. Students may not share or loan clothing.  No defaced, torn or altered uniforms are allowed!  Uniforms may be purchased through the PE Department.  (PE Uniform: PE shirt – $10, PE shorts – $12, PE sweatshirt – $15, PE sweatpants – $15).



Students are expected to dress daily in the required Sinaloa uniform, participate in all activities and complete all class work, to earn their daily points.  At all times they are expected to follow rules of respect, responsibility, cooperation, and safety.   Failure to follow class directions and rules could result in a loss of all daily points and will result in appropriate consequences to correct the behavior.



Every student must make-up any missed PE class unless the absence was due to a school affiliated event.  It is the responsibility of the student to confirm this event with his/her PE teacher.  A student who is absent from school or excused medically, must make-up the work missed with a one-page health article review (newspaper, internet, magazine) and check with their PE teacher to see if they missed a test or fitness run.  If a student is ill, he or she must bring a note signed by their parent/guardian to excuse them for a maximum of 3 days.  Excuses more then three days must come from a physician.  If at school with a parent note, the student will complete an article review write-up in the library.  If the student has been absent from school, the summaries for each day missed are due within one week of their return.  By completing this work a student may earn part or all of their participation points.  If a student has an extensive absence from the PE class, the teacher and student will arrange a makeup research assignment.



60%PARTICIPATION – This segment of a student’s grade will be determined by daily participation in class activity. (10 points per day).  This includes being dressed properly, being on time and following class rules and regulations. 

20% – FITNESS/SKILL This segment of a student’s grade will include cardiovascular fitness evaluations.  Extra Credit “Fitness Logs” will be included in this segment.

20% – HOMEWORK / WRITTEN TESTS / PROJECTS This segment of a student’s grade will include homework, tests, quizzes and health projects that evaluate the student’s knowledge of rules, fundamentals, techniques, and strategies of course activities, and information concerning physical fitness/health, physiology, and anatomy.



Students may only use the locker that was assigned to them, and they may not share lockers.  Students will be issued a PE lock that may only be used for their PE locker and must be locked at all times.  If a student’s PE lock is lost, then he/she will pay $5.00 to replace the missing PE lock.  Having a locker is a privilege and any student abusing the lockers or locker room rules may forfeit their locker and the privilege of using the locker room.  The school will not be held responsible for replacement of any personal items/belongings.



1.  Be inside the locker room before the tardy bell rings.  Have a note if you are late.

2.  No food, drinks, or candy outside the backpack in the locker room or in the PE field areas.

3.  No horseplay or throwing of anything in locker room.

4.  Leave the property of others alone!

5.  No banking, hitting, or kicking of lockers.

6.  No aersol deodorant or glass containers of any kind in the locker room.


CONSEQUENCES FOR RULES VIOLATIONS – Instructors will select the appropriate consequence at their discretion.

  1. Locker room, gym, or field clean up.
  2. Detention
  3. Parent Contact
  4. Referral
  5. Alternative PE Program
  6. Loss of locker and/or locker room privileges.
  7. Confiscation of item (glass / food / drink).

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT – Special rewards may be earned by students who excel in the PE class, such as school recognized Quarter Awards, special leadership roles and physical fitness recognition.


We look forward to a healthy and rewarding school year with your sons and daughters.

Marilyn Murphy  

Scott Himes          

Rob Sundberg  

George Sotiras 




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